4.2.7 Allotments
POLICY 51: Allotments
Planning permission will not be granted for development involving the change of use of allotment land unless:

•    the allotment concerned is substantially under-used, has remained so over a significant period, the
prospect of increased demand for plots on it appears unlikely to justify its retention, and arrangements are made for the transfer to other allotments of remaining tenants;
and, subject to the above:
•    where the allotment falls within a 'green wedge', the land involved is to be retained in a form of open space use (which may include tree planting schemes) which does not detract from the wedge's ecological interest or landscape value.

Justification for Policy 51
See Paragraphs 6.69 to 6.78

In the case of a statutory allotment the Secretary of State's consent (under Section 8 of the Allotments Act, 1925, amended by the Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Act, 1931) must first be obtained for the discontinuance of the allotment.

Policy 51 will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures
Through the City Council's ownership of land, management and capital programmes.