4.2.8 Formal spaces
POLICY 52B: Formal Public Parks, Gardens and Monuments
Development proposals, within or adjacent to the following public parks and gardens:

Proposals Map Ref.:Location:

PG1    The Lawn
PG2    Temple Gardens
PG3    Lincoln Arboretum
PG4    Hartsholme Country Park
PG5    Boultham Park

or which impinge directly or indirectly on the setting of the following public monuments:
•   War Memorials
•    Statuary
will only be approved where they:
•    are necessary for the maintenance of, and/or would facilitate the public's enjoyment of the park, garden or monument; and/or,
•    do not detract from the character, appearance, setting, features or purpose of the park, garden or monument.

Justification for Policy 52B 
See Paragraphs 6.82 to 6.84

Policy 52B will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures.