4.2.3 Landscape features
POLICY 45A: Trees and Other Ecological and Landscape Features on Development Sites
The Local Planning Authority will require all new development proposals to have full regard to:

•   the retention or enhancement of existing trees, shrubs, hedgerows, water courses, areas of open water or other features of wildlife or geological or geomorphological interest within the site;
•    opportunities to introduce areas of semi-natural habitat, suitable species of trees and plants and other features to attract wildlife within landscaping schemes to be carried out as part of the development.
Where it considers it to be necessary to the determination of planning applications, the Local Planning Authority will require developers to provide a professionally prepared assessment of the application site identifying features of landscape and ecological interest and/or amenity value, and the measures which are to be taken to ensure their retention, conservation or enhancement.

Justification for Policy 45A
See Paragraphs 6.12 to 6.35

Policy 45A will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures; Making Tree Preservation Orders; The use of legal obligations, where necessary.