4.2.4 Playing fields
POLICY 48A: Existing Playing Fields
Planning permission will not be granted for the development for other purposes of land used (or last used) as a playing field unless the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that either:

•    the need for the playing field no longer exists, bearing in mind the standard of provision aimed at by this Local Plan - i.e. a minimum of 1.6 to 1.8 hectares per 1000 residents, of which 1.2 hectares should be sports pitches; or,
•    alternative provision is to be made of at least an equal scale, quality and convenience to users; or,
•    within (or associated with) a school or other education campus, the change of use relates solely to an education use; or,
•    sports and recreation facilities can best be retained and enhanced through the redevelopment of a small part of the site,
and that:
•    change of use proposals comply, where relevant, with Policy 43 (Green Wedges) or with this Plan's policies for other land uses.

The erection of new buildings, and the change of use or extension of existing buildings within such areas will be approved where the use of the building or the facilities to be provided will be ancillary to the primary use of the land for the playing of outdoor or indoor sports or other similar recreational pursuits or for educational purposes provided that:   
•    they do not result in a net loss of playing area;
•    they do not compromise road safety nor conflict with the amenities of adjacent land uses through the provision or adequacy of access and parking arrangements; traffic generation and other problems of operational disturbance and visual intrusion, including floodlighting;
•    the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that the nature and scale of any social facilities to be provided will meet a community need and would be unlikely to conflict with other local plan policies for the protection of the vitality and viability of the City Centre;
•    they do not harm the landscape or ecological qualities of the site or its vicinity and do not reduce or harm the visual or other amenities of the locality.

Justification for Policy 48A
See Paragraphs 6.55 to 6.59.

Policy 48A will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures

POLICY 48B: Additional Playing Fields" Provision
In order to meet the standard of provision aimed at by this Local Plan, the following sites have been included on the Proposals Map for playing fields:

Proposals Map Ref.:Location
PPF1 1    King George V Playing Fields (extension).
PPF2 Former Wragby Road Allotments.
PPF3 Land west of the Prison.
PPF4 Land at Skewbridge.
PPF5 Field off Sincil Bank.
PPF6 Skellingthorpe Road Playing Fields (extension).
PPF7 Land at Melbourne Road and adjacent site.
PPF8 Rear of Moorland Avenue.

Development in these areas (including access and parking arrangements and small scale developments intended to improve the amenity of the playing field use) will be subject to the same detailed criteria applied in Policy 48A.
Where the development of further housing (including additions to housing stock from changes of use) may reasonably be expected to increase the level of demand for playing field facilities, developers will be expected to contribute to the establishment of the additional playing fields listed above, on a pro rate basis, in accordance with the method set out in Appendix D, unless satisfactory provision is to be made on-site for playing facilities to meet the additional requirements generated by the development proposed.

Justification for Policy 48B
See Paragraphs 6.60 to 6.63

Policy 48B will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures and legal obligations.

POLICY 49: Floodlighting
Proposals for the floodlighting of areas used or to be used for formal and informal sport or recreation will be permitted provided that the amenities of adjacent areas and the ecological value of adjacent land are safeguarded from noise and disturbance, intensity and spread of illumination and the visual impact of lighting equipment.

Planning conditions will be attached, where necessary to control matters such as intensity of illumination, direction of light-throw and hours of operation.

Justification for Policy 49
See Paragraph 6.58

Policy 49 will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures.