Land east of Foal Close 23
Grid Ref: SK946700 

Status:     Site of Nature Conservation Importance (Lincolnshire Trust)    

Landscape Value                                                     '
This is a 3.5 ha site, vegetated prior to late 1995 with naturally regenerating woodland as found on the adjoining Foal Close site. As such the site was then included within the Lincolnshire Trust for Nature Conservation's SNCI designation. Since the trees were cleared long range views of the North Lincolnshire Edge and Cathedral can be obtained from the site and across it from Skellingthorpe Road. The site is crucial within the landscape context of the Skewbridge swath, being an important physical and visual link in the chain of open spaces forming the proposed Green Wedge running through the entire length of the western part of the City. In addition the site is an important link between Foal Close and the open playing fields off Skellingthorpe Road, and thus significant in maintaining the extent of open space along this route, and the landscape character of the area.
Trees along the eastern boundary of the site are covered by the Skellingthorpe Road No. 14 Tree Preservation Order 1995.