Foal Close 22
Grid Ref: SK945701

Status:    Site of Nature Conservation Importance (Lincolnshire Trust)      

Foal Close is a 3.4ha area of naturally regenerating woodland once part of the Skellingthorpe Road Complex, a number of SNCIs with varied habitats. Foal Close has been designated as Critical Natural Asset for the following reasons:

1) The site is one of 9 woodland sites in the city and represents about 2.8% of Lincoln's woodland resource.  The dominant species are willow, hawthorn, birch, oak and sycamore with one ancient oak being identified within the site.                                           '
2) The site supports high numbers of passerines, including willow warbler, long-tailed tit, garden warbler, mistle thrush and goldfinch.                        

3) The site is an important component in a complex of wetland and woodland sites in the west of the city, including the Catchwater Drain SNCI , Fen Plantation SNCI, Gravel Pit Wood SNCI and Island Lake, Birchwood SNCI, that provide a wildlife corridor from the west into the city centre.  It is also part of the         West Lincoln Green Wedge.
The site was once part of the Skellingthorpe Road Complex, much of which has now been recently destroyed.
This woodland area is one of a series of linked "green spaces" along the north of Skellingthorpe Road. This and the neighbouring Hartsholme Country Park provide an important break in the built- up area along this City route. The tree planting on the site screens the adjacent housing development from the more open areas to the east, and from the public footpath route along the Catchwater Drain. The site is also visible from the Skewbridge area. The whole of the site is protected by the Foal Close Woodland Tree Preservation Order 1996.