4.2.15 Critical natural assets
POLICY 44A: Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Other Critical Natural Assets

1.  Sites of Special Scientific Interest:

The Local Planning Authority will not grant planning permission for any development which will diminish, or in any other way adversely affect, the interest and importance of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

2.  Other Critical Natural Assets:
The Local Planning Authority will only grant planning permission for development within (or adjacent to) other sites defined on the Proposals Map as Critical Natural Assets, if it is satisfied that the proposed development will not harm the ecological, scientific, geological, geomorphological or landscape qualities and interest of the site and the designated area.

The features leading to areas being designated as Critical Natural Assets are outlined in Schedule I of Appendix C. Development will not normally be permitted in these areas unless it complies with an approved Management Plan (see paragraph 6.20).

Justification for Policy 44A
See Paragraphs 6.12 to 6.21

Policy 44A will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures; Making Tree Preservation Orders; The use of legal obligations, where necessary.