4.2.16 'Long' views
POLICY 55: "Long" Views Into and Out of the City
Development proposals will not be permitted where they would obstruct or otherwise impinge upon:

A  Views of the historic hilltop City and/or the Lincoln Edge and Witham gap from:

1.      the A57 and the Eastern By-pass (A46), defined by an arc between the Boultham Catchwater Drain and Lowfields Farm;  
2.      the banks of the Boultham Catchwater Drain where it traverses the Skewbridge Swath;
3.      Tritton Road north of its junction with Skellingthorpe Road;
4.      the Witham Valley from the City's Southern Boundary north to Marjorie Avenue;
5.      the axis of Newark Road (north of the Bracebridge) and the High Street;
6.      Sincil Bank;
7.      the South Common and Canwick and Cross O'Cliff Hill;
8.      the line of the Eastern By-pass where it crosses the floor of the Witham Gap;
9.     the City boundary on Greetwell Road;
10.  along Wragby Road from the crest of Bunker's Hill;
11.   the crest of the King George V playing field and Wolsey Way open space;
12.  along Nettleham Road from its junction with Wolsey Way;
13.  along Riseholme Road from the City boundary.

B. Viewpoints out from the City from:

14.    the Lincoln Edge at Higson Road, Carline Road, Yarborough Road, Lindum Road and Lindum Terrace;
15.    the historic City, including the Cathedral's main tower, the Castle's walls and observatory tower and the top of Michaelgate;
16.    towards the Trent Valley from the South Common and towards the Lincolnshire Wolds from King George V Playing Fields.

Justification for Policy 55
See Paragraphs 6.88 to 6.94

Policy 55 will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures.