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Treekind is a term used to define the totality of trees and shrubs on all public and private land in and around urban areas. It is a primary living component of a complex social environment that includes roads, car parks, footpaths, underground and overhead services, and buildings. Treekind is an essential part of a "liveable" and sustainable community. It encapsulates the intrinsic link trees have to us as humankind.  Treekind has an unquestionable role in maintaining the most important factors for our survival.

Treekind benefits humankind

As we humans wrestle with how to repair the damage we have wrought on nature, and how to slow climate change, urban trees offer an obvious low-tech solution. Every urban area should have a maximally functional canopy, while making it a more beautiful. healthier and friendlier place.  We should aim for a performance standard, like how many megawatt hours of air conditioning we can save, how many pounds of nitrogen dioxide we can absorb, as well as cultural targets such as how we can organise regular projects and neighbourhood festivals highlighting bonds between treekind and humankind.

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