Witham Marshes 4
Status:     Site of Nature Conservation Importance (Lincolnshire Trust)

The Witham Marshes are a 5.5ha area of Glyceria sp. - dominated marshland to the west of the River Witham at Bracebridge.

The site has been designated as Critical Natural Asset for the following reasons:
1) The site is one of 11 sites within the City consisting   of a neutral grassland/marsh habitat.   This represents 2% of the total neutral grassland/marsh habitat resource within Lincoln.

2) The site is an integral part of the Witham Valley Green Wedge and is a component in a number of interlinked wetland, marsh and grassland SNCIs within the Witham valley, providing a crucial wildlife corridor for species migration into the City. The complex of sites also provides an important habitat for migrating and wintering waders and passerines.

3) The site is one of the last areas of winter flooded grassland on any stretch of the River Witham. Winter flooded grassland is believed to have declined to an even greater extent than the 74% loss of all unimproved and semi-improved neutral grassland since 1938, due to cultivation following the embanking of major rivers such as the Witham.

Landscape Value
Open land which together with adjacent allotment gardens provides a sense of space which greatly enhances the amenity value of the river channel and riverside footpaths for informal recreation. Makes an important contribution to the proposed Witham Valley Green Wedge and to the preservation of fine views of the Cathedral and hilltop city.