West Common 26
Grid Ref: SK960723
Status:     Site of Nature Conservation Importance (Lincolnshire Trust)
Lincoln City Council Act 1985           
An approx. 100ha area mostly under rough grassland, with a large stretch to the south-west and north of Carholme Road used as a golf course. The site has been designated as a Critical Natural Asset for the following reasons:

1) The site is largely semi-improved neutral grassland, and is the largest of 11 such sites in Lincoln, representing 48% of the city's neutral grassland/marsh resource. This habitat has declined in Lincolnshire by 74% since 1938, and this site contains 0.25% of the county's unimproved neutral grassland resource. There are areas of marsh, but these are small and limited to the western edge of the site and consist of less than 5ha (approx.).

2) The site supports the following rare and endangered species:

Skylark    Alauda arvensis
The population of skylark, a species reliant on farmland, has declined by nearly 60% nationally during the last twenty years. This may be due to changes in agricultural management. The populations on non-agricultural habitats have therefore become more important, though a decline is evident even in these habitats.

3) The site is a component in a complex of SNCIs in the west of the City, including Dean and Chapter Quarry SNCI, Old Quarry SNCI and West Cliff, Burton Road SNCI, all of which form an important wildlife corridor from the north into the City Centre.

Landscape Value      
Extensive area of open land with some trees. In association with other open land to the west the land provides an impressive setting for the Cathedral and historic hilltop city and features prominently in important "long" views into the city to be protected through the local plan. A major component of the West Lincoln Green Wedge.