The Pheasantry 20
Grid Ref: SK955698

Status:     Site of Nature Conservation Importance (Lincolnshire Trust)

This site is a 5ha area of plantation and secondary woodland adjacent to the City School on Tritton Road. The site has been designated as a Critical Natural Asset for the following reasons:

1) The site is one of 9 woodland sites in the city, representing about 4% of Lincoln's woodland resource.There are also small (unquantified) fragments of acid grassland and areas of exposed sand. Much of the woodland is plantation with larch Larix sp. and Scot's pine Pinus sylvestris though the presence of birch Betula pendula suggests some of the woodland is secondary.

2) The site supports the following rare and endangered species:
Linnet Carduelis cannabina
See Boultham Park for description.    

3) The site supports a diverse avifauna for an urban site, including sparrowhawk, kestrel, redpoll, treecreeper, goldcrest and breeding great spotted and green woodpeckers.

4) The site supports species uncommon in Lincoln. These include:
Bird's-footOrnithopus perpusillus (4 sites)
Sand spurrey  Spergularia rubra (2 sites)
Great spotted woodpecker  Dendrocopos major  (6 sites)
Green woodpecker  Picus viridis  (6 sites)
Jay Gairulus glandarius (6 sites)

Landscape Value
Important landscape feature on main railway approach to the City. and character within existing and proposed development. Extensive block of trees will provide visual relief