Pike Drain Marsh 6
Grid Ref: SK960685 
Status:     Site of Nature Conservation Importance (Lincolnshire Trust)
This site is an area of willow scrub and marsh alongside the Pike Drain. The watercourse shows signs of dumping. The site has been designated as Basic Natural Stock for the following reasons:

1) This approx. 2.25ha site is one of 11 areas in the City to consist of neutral grassland/marsh and represents 1% of the City's neutral grassland/marsh habitat. There are still small areas of willow scrub (unquantified), but most has now been lost to housing development.
2) The site lies in close proximity to both Boultham Park SNCI and the complex of sites along the upper Witham Valley. It is possible that the site supports overflow populations of waders and wildfowl from these sites during passage migration and spells of harsh weather.
Landscape Value
Woodland and scrub important to amenity of proposed footpath/cycleway route along the Prial Drain.
Most of the site is included in either the Rookery Lane (Pike Drain) No.1 Tree Preservation Order 1973 or the De Wint Avenue (Pike Drain) No.1 Tree preservation Order 1991.