Parks & gardens
Parks and gardens of different types, sizes and styles make a valuable contribution to the quality of life in Lincoln. Not only do they provide open space for quiet, informal recreation and form a major component in the City's Green Wedges but they also contribute to landscape value, to the interests of nature conservation, horticulture, arboriculture and silviculture and to the City's heritage, as art forms in their own right and as records of social history.

Three of Lincoln's parks are listed in English Heritage's Register of Historic Parks and Gardens:
•   The Arboretum;
•   Boultham Park;
•   Hartsholme Country Park.

All these are listed in the Register as Grade II - i.e. "of special interest which warrants every effort being made to preserve them". Development which could detract from their historic interest and character will not normally be allowed.

Hartsholme Country Park: Natural History Centre
A Natural History Centre is to be developed at Hartsholme Country Park. The scheme will be implemented in phases during the early part of the Local Plan Period and will be an important new amenity for Lincoln. It will reinforce the aims of the Country Park - including nature conservation, public education and recreation -as well as providing an opportunity to interpret the history of the Hartsholme Estate. The latter was originally laid out in the 1860s to the design of Edward Milner. Much of this original concept has been retained as a result of the management philosophy of the present Country Park. The City Council intends to recreate the enclosure provided by the former kitchen garden, as well as other more formal components of Milner's design.