Local sites
Sites designated as Local Basic Natural Stock includes areas in a variety of open space uses which may have their own more local ecological interest or landscape value than sites designated as Critical Natural Assets', or may contribute to the interlinking of wildlife habitats or the integrity of valued landscape features. It is important that most of the land identified as Basic Natural Stock remains as open space. There may be exceptional instances when development for other purposes can be permitted if:
•    it involves only a small proportion of a particular site and, where necessary, includes details of measures to be taken to ensure that the development does not significantly detract from its ecological or landscape value; or,
•    the ecological or landscape contribution of the site which is proposed for development can be satisfactorily compensated for by, for example, the upgrading of land of lower ecological or landscape value within or adjoining the site, or elsewhere in the City.
When, exceptionally, development of a type which is not ancillary to an open space use is considered to be acceptable within a Basic Natural Stock site, developers may be required to enter into a legal obligation to ensure that an agreed enhancement or compensatory scheme is implemented.