4.2.1 Informal spaces
POLICY 52A: Major Areas of Informal Open Space
The following areas will be devoted primarily to casual or recreational use:

Proposals Map Ref.:Location

OP1   Corner of Nettleham Road and Searby Road
OP2   Whitton's Park
OP3   Hobbler's Hole
OP4   Workhouse Burial Ground (Long Leys Road)
OP5   West Common
OP6   Former Yarborough Road Allotments
OP7   Parker's Piece
OP8   Cow Paddle
OP9   Skewbridge Swath
OP10 South Common
OP11 Swanpool Wood
OP12 Hartsholme Country Park
OP13 South West of Jasmin Road, Birchwood
OP14 Adjacent to White Bridge, Birchwood
OP15 Birchwood Community Park
OP16 Adjacent to Birchwood Avenue
OP17 Hospital Plantation
OP18 Boultham Moor Wood
OP19 Starmer's Pit
OP20 Uffington Avenue
OP21 Newark Road Parkway
OP22 Land at Greenbank Drive
OP23 River, Drain and Canal Banks
Planning permission will only be granted for development in these areas where it is small scale and ancillary to the casual or informal recreational use of the area.

Justification for Policy 52A
See Paragraph 6.79 to 6.81.

Policy 52A will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures.