4.2.2 Green 'wedges'
POLICY 43: Green Wedges and Other Major Open Spaces
Planning permission will not be granted for any form of development on land shown on the Proposals Map as part of a Green Wedge unless such development can be carried out without reducing or harming:
    • the contribution which the land makes to the landscape character and setting of the City and local environmental quality;
    • areas of nature conservation and/or special scientific and/or geological and geomorphological interest;
    • the value of the Green Wedge for formal and informal recreation.

Development proposals will be expected to have particular regard to:
    • the maintenance or enhancement of the City's footpath, cycleway and bridleway system and their links beyond the city boundary;
    • any approved management plan including or affecting the land.

Green wedges contain an agglomeration of uses which bring continuous or closely linked open space from open countryside into the heart of the City.

Justification for Policy 43
See Paragraphs 6.6 to 6.11

Policy 43 will be implemented by:
Development control procedures;
Designation of areas/sites of special landscape value, nature conservation interest and special scientific or geological or geomorphological interest;     
The implementation of management plans for individual sites;
The involvement of interest groups (e.g. Lincolnshire Trust for Nature Conservation).

POLICY 54: Existing Uses in Green Wedges
Planning permission will be granted for the further development of existing uses within Lincoln's Green Wedges provided that such proposals:
•    conform with the provisions of Policy 34 (Chapter 5:  Built Environment) and the other policies in this Chapter of the Local Plan;
•    are contained within the existing use's curtilage, (unless, exceptionally, the operational needs of a utility service leave no alternative but to extend);
•    do not compromise the value of the Green Wedge, through the generation of traffic, noise and other forms of pollution or visual intrusion.

Justification for Policy 54
See paragraph 6.87

Policy 54 will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures.