4.2.13 Golf courses
POLICY 50A: Golf Courses
As one of a choice of possible uses (see also Policy 46A), proposals to develop a golf course will be approved on land bounded to the north by the Boultham/Skellingthorpe Main Drain, to the south by the Western Link Greenway, to the east by Swanpool Wood and the B.B.C. radio installation and to the west by the City boundary, provided that:

1)  access arrangements and other infrastructure servicing the White Cottage are secured;
2)  access to the course is taken from one of the junctions proposed on the Western Link Greenway and adequate on-site parking is provided;
3)  landscaping and layout proposals for the course:
a)  safeguard the amenity of the White Cottage, including from noise, disturbance, loss of privacy and visual intrusion;
b)  allow for the creation of surface water drainage and balancing systems capable of catering for the needs of new development proposed in the Skewbridge area;
c)  do not involve the artificial raising of substantial areas of land lying naturally below the 4 metres' contour (O.D.N.) and that where the raising of small areas of such land within the site is proposed this is compensated for by land within the site, lying naturally above the 4 metres' (O.D.N.) being lowered;
d) safeguard and enhance existing features such as trees, hedgerows and ditch systems, as well as the nature conservation interest associated with the Main Drain embankment, Swanpool Wood and the surface water drainage system;
e)  provide substantial buffer strips between the course and both the Western Link Greenway and the Main Drain.

Justification for Policy 50A
See Paragraphs 6.64 to 6.66

Policy 50A will be implemented by:
Development Control procedures
Through the additional control available to the City Council by its ownership of land at Skewbridge.