Creative conservation
These are sites of little ecological, landscape, recreational or functional value, to which development should be directed. Alternatively, as with Functional Open Space, a Low Value Site might be used for a habitat or landscape creation scheme to compensate for the development of land forming part of the Basic Natural Stock.

Low Value Sites have not been identified as such on the Proposals Map because, generally, they are the sites which the Local Plan proposes or has earmarked for development. Consequently, it is now possible to identify most of the land which should remain indefinitely as open space within the City's boundary and to use that knowledge in assessing Lincoln's capacity to accommodate further development. That is one of the reasons why this Local Plan places great emphasis on the role of Urban Regeneration schemes -recycling and redeveloping under-used urban land to meet a large proportion of our development needs (see Chapter 4 of the Local Plan: Urban Regeneration).