Bennett's Field 12
Grid Ref: SK973685

Landscape Value
The landscape value of the site is derived primarily from its unique contextual location. Situated on the western facing escarpment of the Lincoln Edge and bounded to the north by CNA site No.11 and to the east by CNA site No. 10. To the west and south is a swath of open land which is an extension of the Lincoln Cliff Area, designed as of Great Landscape Value by North Kesteven District Council.
The site is predominantly vegetated with rough grass and brambles. The curving south-western boundary delimits the City boundary and is marked by a plum hedge. An area of scrubland similar to that associated with CNA site No. 10 exists along the eastern side. The hedge and scrub contribute to the wooded appearance of Cross O' Cliff Hill, particularly when viewed from the Bracebridge Area of the City. A public footpath runs along this eastern boundary which becomes a rough track nearer to Cross O' Cliff Hill road, and is the only means of vehicular access to the site.
The site contributes significantly to the preservation of the landscape